• The provision of clear guidelines on proposal structure, format and necessary content—guidelines proven to work best to capture editors' attention.
  • An editorial letter of 3-5 pages detailing strengths and weaknesses in structure, content, contemporary relevance, national/international appeal and narrative style.
  • Notes embedded into your Word document using Track Changes detailing impressions, notes, suggestions, etc.
  • Response to your follow-up questions via email.

How I Work:

For a critique of a full nonfiction proposal, I print your electronic document, read through once, take notes on initial impressions—including thoughts on relevance, newness, level of research, national/international appeal, narrative style, etc.— and engage in a light line edit if necessary. I read through a second time to make deeper notes and make suggestions in the margins—such as structural suggestions and direction for pulling forward points of contemporary relevance that hit national and international nerves, recommendations for broadening your audience and clarifying who that audience may be. My third read is done electronically: I transfer my notes, suggestions into Track Changes in Word. I write a full critique clearly outlined in a manner that fits your project's specific needs, detail strengths and weaknesses, format requirements and offer specific direction on how to revise the work for the trade market.


To Submit:

Send me a note requesting a critique, along with an overview of your project (500 words or less), a chapter outline, a brief bio (including your publishing credentials and what makes you qualified to write this book), brief descriptions of comparative titles, and the first 10-15 pages of your first chapter in the body of an email to

If your project is a fit and we agree to work together, I'll email you an invoice for payment.


Payment is preferred by Paypal or Venmo. Check or money order can be accommodated. 

Turn-around Time:

For a nonfiction proposal critique, turn-around time is typically 10 business days after payment is received.

Please note: these guidelines are for editorial critiques only. To submit your work for representation, please visit me at the Dijkstra Agency.