The Kindle edition of Ernest Brawley’s The Rap, a prison novel, is available for pre-order now!  Click to order! Inspired by the gritty, action-packed reality of San Quentin in the 60s and early 70s and by the revolutionary Black Panther, George Jackson, The Rap is a page-turning, character-driven, language-rich novel that raps lyrically about political imprisonment and rails powerfully against governmental corruption, against authoritarian statism—against The Man. Little Arv Weed, a prison guard who hides his mixed race origins, is terrified to live out the drudgery of his American working-class future.  He teams up with the political prisoner William Galliot, the dignified, well-educated…


FROM THE OVAL-SHAPED flower-bed there rose perhaps a hundred stalks spreading into heart-shaped or tongue-shaped leaves half way up and unfurling at the tip red or blue or yellow petals marked with spots of colour raised upon the surface; and from the red, blue or yellow gloom of the throat emerged a straight bar, rough with gold dust and slightly clubbed at the end. The petals were voluminous enough to be stirred by the summer breeze, and when they moved, the red, blue and yellow lights passed one over the other, staining an inch of the brown earth beneath with…




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